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TDS Meter-EC Conductivity + CF + TDS 3 in 1 meter for Hydroponic
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29 Oct 2018
United States
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Specification of

EC Conductivity + CF + TDS 3 in 1 meter for Hydroponic

EC measurement range: 0.00 ~ 19.99 EC
CF measurement range: 0.0 ~199CF
TDS measurement range: 10 ~ 19990ppm
EC resolution: 0.01EC
CF resolution: 0.1CF
TDS resolution: 10ppm
Accuracy: ±2% F.S
Operating temperature: 0ºC ~ 50ºC (32ºF~122ºF)
Automatic temperature compensation (ATC): 0ºC ~ 50ºC (32ºF~122ºF)
Calibration: manual – screwdriver included
Dimensions: 18cm x 3.5 cm x 10.5cm
Weight: 86g (inc batteries)
Powered by: X4 1.5V (AG13) batteries (included)
Tough plastic body
Instructions, diagrams (including for calibration) included
Brand new and factory boxed in tough, padded storage case

One method of checking the strength of a nutrient solution is to measure how well it conducts electricity.
Although pure water is not a conductor, the flow of electricity increases proportionally as salts are added. So measuring electrical conductivity (EC) is a direct indication of the nutrient level in a solution.
A CF (Conductivity Factor) meter determines conductivity by measuring the amount of electricity that passes between two electrodes placed in the solution. CF meters designed for use with hydroponic systems usually have a scale of 0-100 CF units. Nutrient level is also often expressed in Parts Per Million (ppm), so it is helpful to know that 65 PPM is equivalent to one CF unit. (Just for the record, one CF unit is equal to 10 milliMhos, also called milliSiemen.)
Different crops have different nutrient needs, and so grow better at different CF values. Lettuce, for example, grows best between 6 and 12 CF units, while tomatoes are heavier feeders and are happiest at 22 to 28 CF units. Adding more nutrient (in the proper proportions, of course) will increase the CF level. To lower the CF reading of a solution, simply add more water. Plants generally grow best at levels of 7.5-20 CF, although readings of 20-30 CF are considered acceptable. Nutrient levels above 30 CF should be avoided, as there is the potential for soluble salt damage.

Cara kalibrasi EC Conductivity Meter:
1.Ambil larutan standard Sodium Chloride (Nacl) dan tuang dalam gelas plastik
2.Celupkan Conductivity Meter dalam cairan solution selama 3 menit
3.Adjust nilai pada unit menjadi 2.76mS/cm. Setelah selesai bersihkan elektroda dengan air aqua



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