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Water is one source of life on earth. The role of water is very much and irreplaceable. Water is a combination of hydrogen and oxygen. There are many kinds of water, among others, sea water, lake water, river water, water from springs, underground water (wells) and others. The difference in the source and origin of the water certainly makes the composition and chemical properties also different. In daily life the use of water is adjusted to the standard. This means that the water for washing baths (MCK) is of course different from the water for drinking. Normally a strict examination of the chemical and microbiological content is carried out in a water laboratory.
1. PH meter
pH meter is a tool that must be used in water analysis. Yup, the function is of course to measure the pH of the water tested. Its use is quite simple, just dip the electrode part of the pH meter. For more details, you can read this article
2. Conductivity meter
Conductivity meter is a device used to measure conductivity / electrical conductivity of water. How to use a conductivity meter is quite simple as a pH meter. We just dip the electrode into the sample, the reading will appear on the screen.
3. Spectrophotometer
A spectrophotometer is a device used to measure various heavy metal content in a water sample. The principle works to illuminate samples with Ultraviolet (UV) light then how light is absorbed by the sample to be read by the spectrophotometer.
4. Hotplate
Hotplate is a tool used to heat mixtures / samples in a laboratory. This tool is used for heating or for stirring / automatic stirring. The sample is put in a beaker or erlenmeyer.
5. Turbidity meter
Turbidity meter is a device used to measure turbidity in water. Its turbidity unit is in the NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Unit). The more turbid the water sample, the greater the turbidity. How to use it is the same as a spectro device in general using special cuvettes.
6. Sodium meters
Sodium meter is a device used to measure sodium or sodium levels in a water sample, the unit is in mg / L.
7. Chemical lab glassware
Glass tools, this is a glass tool that is often used in the laboratory including beakers, erlenmeyer, measuring pipettes, drop pipettes, spatulas, watch glasses and others.
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